ITIL V4 Training

ITIL V4 Training


As organizations are becoming more and more practical with new frameworks and software that can further enhance business architecture, professionals are required to fill the skill gap with the relevant training certifications. 7 network Services- one of the leading online course providers understands the importance of constant learning and offers ITIL V4 Training Course to help aspirants to reserve their desiring position in the organization. Designed with the team of industry leaders, the ITIL V4 training course provides an in-depth understanding of the ITIL 4 framework, its concepts, and terminologies. At the end of the course, candidates will comprehend how ITIL has evolved with time and requirements to adopt modern technologies.


The curriculum of the course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction of the course
  • Concepts of service management
  • Different dimensions of service management
  • ITIL service value system
  • Service value chain
  • ITIL practice

Objectives of the course

The key objective of the ITIL V4 certification training course is to ensure candidates can grasp all the required knowledge and skills to successfully implement and manage the ITIL framework. Other side objectives that will be covered throughout the course are:

  • Successfully cover and understand ITIL lifecycles
  • Develop understanding about ITIL concepts
  • Learn how ITIL has evolved to meet the market expectations
  • Comprehend principles of ITIL V4 in the digital era

Benefits of the course

The key benefits of taking ITIL V4 training course are as mentioned below:

  • Leading names like Amazon, Adobe, Accenture, and Oracle are looking forward to hiring certified ITIL professionals
  • The ITIL V4 professionals tend to earn 4 times more salary than non-certified professionals
  • You can move ahead with the trend and help companies to fill the technology gap
  • Adding more skills will open new doors of opportunities

What will you learn?

Aspirants who are taking ITIL V4 Training Course at 7 Network Services are bound to get customized knowledge and skills that will give their career a needed push. In this course candidates will learn:

  • Basics of ITIL V4 principles and concepts
  • How to implement the flexible approach of ITIL V4 in any organization
  • Key components of ITIL Service Value Chain
  • Different dimensions of service management
  • How ITIL processes are different from ITIL practices

Prerequisites of the course?

There are no particular prerequisites for the ITIL V4 certification training course. Hence, any IT professionals who are willing to learn about ITIL can pursue this course.

What is the duration of the course?

The overall course takes around 14 hours to get complete. However, if you choose self-paced training, then it may take longer. Therefore, consult with professionals at the site to come up with the most suitable training classes.

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