TOGAF 9 Training

TOGAF 9 Training


Take advantage of the growing market opportunities with the TOGAF 9 (level 1 and level 2) training course. Specially curated, for professionals who want to prove their knowledge and skills in the industry, this certification training course will prepare you to crack the exam in one go. Throughout this detailed training course, candidates will learn about key concepts of TOGAF- the global de facto standard for the enterprise application, covering a process-oriented approach for the architecture development along with the strategic context to next IT projects enabling them to take the right decision.


Depending on the certification level participants will cover the following headings:

  • Introduction of TOGAF
  • Overview of management
  • Key components of the framework
  • Enterprise continuum
  • Architecture Repository
  • Architecture Governance
  • Building blocks
  • Phases of ADM

While the heading of both levels is the same, the information they cover will be different.

Objectives of the course

The key objective of this TOGAF training certification course is to aid students to crack the certification course within the first attempt. Other core objectives of the course include:

  • Prepare all aspirants will detail knowledge and right set of skills
  • Aiding them to learn how to implement TOGAF practice without any failure
  • Provide all the essential information to carry out architecture development
  • Offer in-hand practice to boost their confidence to make right decisions.

Benefits of the course

There are several benefits of pursuing the TOGAF 9 Training course, and while it is impossible to mention all here are some benefits that can encourage you to take this course:

  • The TOGAF training can boost your knowledge and skills of IT frameworks
  • There is a never-ending demand for certified TOGAF professionals in the market
  • The certification put your resume in limelight and demonstrate that you are committed to enterprise architecture
  • It is an outstanding career move that allows you to take advantage of market opportunities

What will you learn?

This detailed object-oriented course helps students to explore prime concepts of TOGAF while allowing them to gather all the crucial concept-related knowledge and skills to make successful operational plans which leads to firm decision-making. They will learn:

  • Basics of TOGAF and how it can be used for an organization
  • How to merge, manage and utilize your business and IT aspects of your organization
  • How to analyze enterprise architecture to come up with a solution
  • How project management plays an important role in IT transformation

Prerequisites of the course?

There are no prerequisites for the TOGAF training and foundation certification exam. However, if you are willing to appear in a certified exam then, you will need to have the foundation certification.

What is the duration of the course?

The TOGAF (level1 and level 2) certification training course takes around 25 to 30 hours to get completed. Moreover, if you take the weekend classes then, the duration can differ.

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