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Cisco CCIE Service Provider certification is for expert-level SP network engineers who bring the information and ability to make a protractile Service Provider infrastructure to deliver rich managed services. Other skilled certifications or training courses are not needed. Instead, candidates should first pass a written qualification exam then the corresponding active lab exam.

Following along with the current CCIE RSv5, CCIE SPv4 now uses all virtual hardware as well. Specifically the new hardware and software variants are as follows: ASR 9000 running Cisco IOS XR 5.2 ASR 1000 running Cisco IOS XE 3.13S.15.4(3)S Cisco 7600 running Cisco IOS 15.5(3)S Cisco ME 3600 running Cisco IOS 15.5(3)S

Both the IOS XR and IOS XE variants are already available as virtual machines that you can download from and deploy yourself on VMWare ESXi 5.5 and other similar hypervisors. The current IOS XRv release is 5.2.0, and CSR1000v (IOS XE) is 3.13S/15.4(3)S. As for the 7600 and ME 3600 images, I would assume these will run as L2 IOU/IOL images, however, I haven’t personally seen either of these complies yet. The key functionality of them will be based around L2VPN for Ethernet, such as EVC and VPLS, which is not covered in depth in the current SPv3 blueprint.

CCIE SPv4 New Technical Topics AddedWith the new IOS XR, IOS XE, and Catalyst IOS code versions used, the following is some of the key new features that have been added to the SPv4 Blueprint:

Ethernet VPN (EVPN) Provider Backbone Bridging EVPN (PBB-EVPN) Multicast Label Distribution Protocol (mLDP) Unified MPLS (Seamless MPLS) Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) mGRE VPN IPv6 NAT44/NAT64/6RD MPLS OAM & Ethernet OAM

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