Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) Training

Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) Training


Nowadays, cyber-attacks are more common than people thought. Some of the attacks are hidden which means that the victim will never know that they are being attacked and their data will be stolen in no time. Due to this reason, every organization hires a cybersecurity professional to ensure that their precious data is never stolen because of any potential cyberattack.

7NetworkServices provides Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) training and certification that allows the candidate to learn all about IPS and IDS with detailed information. The course developed by our professional teachers is proven to be effective and covers all the topics of cybersecurity; be it basic or advanced. Once you complete this course, you will be able to handle all the cybersecurity of the organization. 

In this course, you will be mastering IPS/IDS for enhancing the cybersecurity of the organization. Intrusion Prevention System monitors the entire network and hinders any suspicious activity happening on the network. On the other hand, the Intrusion Detection System works a bit different. Rather than stopping it on its own, IDS notifies whenever a suspicious activity is noticed.  

Objectives of Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) Training

  • After successfully completing this training, you will be able to perform all the below-mentioned tasks. 
  • Deploy open sources snort signatures
  • Use open-source IDS analysis tools
  • Deploy network forensics to know any intrusion
  • Write IDS to find suspicious attachment
  • Use IP or TCP to identify suspicious traffic
  • Use SiLK tool to find vulnerabilities in network

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is appropriate for network engineers, network admins, intrusion detection analysts, and hands-on security managers. 

Topics Included in Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security)

  • Capturing Traffic for Specific Applications
  • Capturing and Classifying Your Own Background Traffic
  • Capturing Traffic to a File Set
  • Customizing Wireshark for Different Tasks
  • Customizing Wireshark Views and Settings
  • Default Switch Forwarding
  • Packet Loss, Recovery, and Faulty Trace Files
  • Exporting Packet Details
  • Filtering on Packet Fields
  • Following HTTP Packets through a Network
  • Capturing Traffic on Your Wireless Network
  • The Indications and Causes of Client Latency
  • Frames, Packets, and Segments
  • Security Analysis (Network Forensics) Tasks
  • Using Tshark to Extract HTTP Host Names and IP Addresses
  • Using Dumpcap and TsharkThe Capture Process of IDS Training
  • The Dumpcap Capture Engine
  • Extracting Files from Packet Captures
  • Using a Ring Buffer to Conserve Drive Space

Mode of Training

  • Online Training

    Online training is one of the best ways to learn something new without even have to leave home. 7NetworkServices offer online training for Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) so that you can take this course in your comfort. India, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, Oman, Dubai, the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kuwait,UK(United Kingdom),UAE(United States of emirates), Australia, US(United States of America)
    South Africa,oman Bahrain,Canada, are the countries where we provide our online training. 

  • Classroom Training

    A classroom is a place which has its own environment and candidates tend to maintain that decorum. The classroom environment makes learning easier and effective. If you prefer learning in a classroom, then you can take the classroom training for Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) offered by 7NetworkServices. Every student can take this type of training in locations including Mumbai, Greater Noida, New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Gurugram.

Prerequisites Required for Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) Training and Certification

In order to appear for this course, a candidate must have working experience on TCP or IP. Moreover, a candidate should know the basic commands of Linux. 

Highlights of Cyber Security (IPS/IDS & Deep Security) Training 

  • Only certified training with several years of industry experience
  • Pick any type of training you want; be it classroom training or online training
  • Prepare yourself for the job interviews with the interview training included in every course
  • Practice your training with 24X7 access to our labs    
  • Manage your time better by choosing either weekend or regular classes
  • Hands-on Experience on genuine equipment for enhanced understanding

Reasons to Consider 7Network As Your Training Partner

  • 24*7 Online Access Guidance for Working Professionals
  • Only Real Equipment and No Simulator Used
  • Experienced Professional Instructor.
  • 100% Placement Assurance to Each and Every Candidate
  • Flexible Batch Timings 7-Days (8:00 AM To 10:30 PM)
  • Trusted By 12,000+ Students And 200 + Colleges.
  • Join7NetworkServices Take Your Career from Associate to Higher Level
  • Live Virtual Online Classes

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