Spoken English

Spoken English


English is among the international languages that are used for communication among numerous nations. Several countries have their native languages and English is considered as their second language. Even though it is not mandatory to learn English but having a grip on this tongue can help people in migrating from their native counties to English speaking countries for better career growth and opportunities.

Written English may not be a challenge for people, but spoken English is something that not everyone can do at their first try. With that thing in mind, 7NetworkServices have come up with Spoken English course where you will be taught all about speaking English with the right accent and grammar.

Steps to Improve Spoken English

  • Reading

    Learning is a step-by-step process where every step builds the platform for the next action. The first step in learning English speaking is to read English. Reading helps in understanding the grammar, punctuation, and sentence formation. Our English training modules will provide you with an exclusive set of reading materials that will leave an efficient impact on your mind that will allow you to grasp this language.

  • Listening

    The next step towards your goal will be to listen to others speaking English. Listening to others will allow you to understand the pronunciation of the words giving you a better knowledge of how the words should sound. By listening to our trainers, you will also get to know about the natural speaking style.

  • Speaking

    The final step is to speak yourself. The more you speak English, the faster you will learn this language. Keep in mind that practice will make you perfect and speaking is the practice of gaining expertise in this language. By speaking regularly, you will gain confidence in yourself and will be able to talk in English to whoever you want.

Mode of Training

  • Online Training

    Learning a language is not a tedious task and anyone can learn that by sitting at their own with the help of online training by 7NetworkServices. Online training will allow you to learn spoken English at your comfort and from several parts of the world including India, Russia, China, Japan, Philippines, Kenya.

  • Classroom Training

    If you are among those people who prefer to learn the traditional way, then 7NetworkServices’ classroom training is for you. Here you will visit the certified institutes to learn spoken English. These institutes are located in Ghaziabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Greater Noida, Pune and Bengaluru.

Highlights of Spoken English Training and Certification Course

  • Only certified training with several years of industry experience
  • Pick any type of training you want; be it classroom training or online training
  • Prepare yourself for the job interviews with the interview training included in every course
  • Practice your training with 24X7 access to our labs    
  • Manage your time better by choosing either weekend or regular classes
  • Hands-on Experience on genuine equipment for enhanced understanding

Reasons to Consider 7Network As Your Training Partner

  • 24*7 Online Access Guidance for Working Professionals
  • Only Real Equipment and No Simulator Used
  • Experienced Professional Instructor.
  • 100% Placement Assurance to Each and Every Candidate
  • Flexible Batch Timings 7-Days (8:00 AM To 10:30 PM)
  • Trusted By 12,000+ Students And 200 + Colleges.
  • Join7NetworkServices Take Your Career from Associate to Higher Level
  • Live Virtual Online Classes

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