CISCO ISE Training Course

CISCO ISE Training Course


Take your IT on a whole new level with the CISCO ISE Training Course that is designed in a way to teach you all the essential information you need to get up and run the CISCO ISE. Made from scratch, this advanced training course covers the ISE 2.4 version and provides necessary access to ISE basic configuration, wired network, wireless network, BYOD, posture and more. Those who are looking for an opportunity to get certified as CISCO ISE professionals can enrol themselves at 7 Network Services without any hesitation. We will offer both expertise and experience to ensure candidates can clear the certification exam in a first attempt. Sign up today to learn more!


The curriculum of the CISCO ISE Training course covers the following key headings:

  • The Introduction
  • Lab Configuration
  • Everything About ISE
  • What Is Wired ISE
  • What Is Wireless ISE
  • ISE- Additional Update and Information

Objectives of the course

The course is designed by industry experts to help candidates obtain knowledge and skills regarding the CISCO ISE. The prime objectives of this course are to help students learn:

  • How to centralize the process of network management
  • Ways to weave a strong security posture
  • How to alter the configuration as per business growth
  • How to aid organizations cut cost while providing investment protection

Benefits of the course

There are several benefits of kickstarting your career with the CISCO ISE training course. While it is impossible to mention all of them, here are the key benefits you should know about:

  • CISCO ISE has a high significance in the corporate world
  • Companies are hiring CISCO ISE professional for better security
  • You can add a valuable certification to your resume
  • CISCO ISE holder tends to get higher salary than non-certified professional

What will you learn?

Throughout this detailed certification training course, aspirants can learn about different aspects of CISCO ISE and how to utilize it. You will learn:

  • How to use ISE to provide context-based access to policies
  • How to Use MAC authentication bypass for wired and wireless access
  • How to provide customized guest network access
  • How to gain a competitive edge in the market

Prerequisites of the course?

Although there are no prerequisites for this certification training course, it is highly recommended to have the following knowledge and skills before pursuing this course:

  • Basic knowledge of Cisco IOS® Software command-line interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with the Microsoft Windows operating systems

What is the duration of the course?

The overall duration of this course is 40 hours. However, the duration can be altered as per your training batch (weekdays or weekends).

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