CCIE Enterprise Course in Delhi || CCIE Lab preparation Training in Delhi

CCIE Enterprise Course in Delhi || CCIE Lab preparation Training in Delhi

CCIE Enterprise (Written+lab) In Delhi (India) Details :
Training ModeInstructor-Led Live Online | Classroom Training
Rack | labOnline Virtual remote lab
Study MaterialYes
BatchesWeekdays | Weekends
Recorded VideosYes
Demo ClassYes


CCIE Enterprise (Written+lab) In Delhi (India) Details :
Training Mode Instructor-Led Live Online | Classroom Training
Rack | lab Online Virtual remote lab
Study Material Yes
Certificate Yes
Batches Weekdays | Weekends
Recorded Videos Yes
Demo Class

Why Should Contact us for CCIE Enterprise 350-401 Training?

The Reasons That You Should Contact Us.

* CCIE Certified with Industry experience Trainers.
* Delivering High Quality Training
* Online Training on demand
* CCIE Enterprise Updated workbook
* CCIE Enterprise Lab Guide
* CCIE Enterprise Racks for Practice.

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Best CCIE Enterprise Course in Delhi || Online CCIE Enterprise LAB Preparation Training Institute in Delhi-NCR (India).

Best CCIE Enterprise Training in Delhi  || Best Online CCIE Lab Training in India.      

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) in Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0/R&S is the highest level of certification available in the EI track. We provide CCIE EI V1 Training with a placement guarantee of one hundred percent. This curriculum is designed to guarantee job placements for all graduates. The CCIE Enterprise certification combines the CCNP Enterprise, CCNA, and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 certification courses. Outset at the beginning, we explain EI/R&S technologies in depth.

About Job Placement Guarantee Training Course

We give all students who sign up for any CCIE course training programme a guarantee that they will get a job. Based on your skills, you are guaranteed a starting package of Rs. 4.0–6.5 Lacs without taking an exam. If you pass the ENCOR and CCIE EI V1 exams, you will get a starting package of 4.5 to 5.5 Lacs.


CCIE Certification was created to aid Network Engineers around the world in advancing their technical abilities. It enables them to maintain their technical expertise and knowledge of Cisco products and networks. As the world’s highest-paid and most-requested certification, CCIE has helped network engineers keep and increase their value as highly skilled IT professionals.

Value of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0/R&S Certification & CCIE Lab Training in Delhi-NCR (India).

The CCIE Enterprise certification provides its candidates with unique opportunities for growth and expansion. CCIE EI certification has always helped its apprentices, whether they are new or have been in the field for a while. Routing and switching technologies are the foundation for all other Cisco certifications. No matter what track you take for CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE, you need to know about R&S technologies. This is true for all higher-level or professional-level certifications. Regarding the value of CCIE EI/R&S technologies, EI/R&S has an evergreen scope. If you want to work in the networking industry, which is growing all the time, you need to get good training on /EIR&S (at least up to the CCNP level) to understand other technologies on the market.

Training for CCIE Enterprise V1.0 / CCIE R&S at 7networkservices:

7networkservices’ CCIE Certification Integrated course contains both practical and theoretical CCNA, CCNP Enterprise, and CCIE EI V1/R&S training. The goal of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0/R&S Integrated course is to teach students about Routing and to switch technologies from the most basic to the most advanced levels. This will create a strong niche for other advanced courses. Aside from the technical and practical parts of the course, we at 7networkservicesalso change people’s personalities as a whole by teaching them the following professional and personal skills:

  • Classes that help people grow as people
  • Classes for preparing for interviews
  • Discussions in small groups
  • Writing classes for resumes/CVs
  • English classes for speaking
  • Presentation classes
  • Interviews on the technical side with 3x CCIE
  • Live training from experts with experience in the field
  • Simulations of job interviews
  • Sessions of Doubt and a lot more

What’s good about 7networkservices:

CCIE EI/R&S (written + lab) Trainers are certified and have years of experience teaching the CCNP Enterprise and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 courses. We focus on live, hands-on training. To do this, we have well-equipped classrooms with fully loaded racks that include routers and switches. This allows individuals to observe these technologies in action. Access to in-house practical workbooks that were made under the strict direction of multiple CCIE trainers with years of experience in the business world. To attain the certification, you need to appear for a specific examination where your knowledge will be tested. Keep in mind that this examination is not a piece of cake and intense training sessions are required. 7NetworkServices ensures that you get all the knowledge from the online courses so that you could prepare for this exam.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the CCIE exam cost?

A CCIE certification is a worthy long-term career objective for IT workers who are committed to networking professions. Pearson VUE is the official exam delivery partner of Cisco. Exam costs: Written examinations are $450. Lab examinations are $1,600 per attempt (available only at specific Cisco sites worldwide).

How do I get CCIE Security certification?

To acquire CCIE Security certification, you must pass two exams: a qualifying test covering fundamental security technologies and a practical lab exam covering security technologies and solutions across the whole network lifecycle, from designing to installing to running and optimizing.

What is the CCIE salary in India?

In India, the average annual income for a Network Engineer Consultant CCIE is 79,812.

What is the best CCIE certification?

CCIE R&S is the foundation for all seven tracks and is the world’s most popular CCIE track among CCIE professionals.

Is it challenging to pass CCIE?

Since its inception in 1993, the CCIE has been regarded as the most demanding certification in the IT industry. It consists of a written exam and a practical lab exam.

Does a CCIE expire?

Between Two and Five Years, Cisco Certifications Expire

These certifications are suitable for three years. CCIE is only valid for two years

Can we immediately pursue CCIE?

Can CCIE be obtained without completing CCNA?

CCIE certification has no prerequisites. Hence it is possible to pursue it without CCNA or CCNP.

How many are CCIE Security certifications there globally?

Based on these data, we may infer that Cisco issues around four CCIEs daily. Consequently, there are 59,737 CCIEs around the globe as of January 14, 2019.

Does CCIE need CCNP?

There are no explicit requirements for the CCNP or CCIE certifications.

A CCNP certification will no longer be required for obtaining a CCIE certification. A solid grasp of the test subjects is required before taking the exam.

What is the length of the CCIE exam?

CCIE Data Center Candidates must pass a two-hour written test on data centre infrastructure before taking a two-part, eight-hour lab exam that evaluates their ability to diagnose and troubleshoot complicated data centre topologies.

Which Cisco credentials will be in demand in 2022?

Certified Cisco Network Professional (CCNP)

Who may take the CCIE course?

Students must have completed their 10+2 examination with a minimum of 55% from a recognised board to be eligible for CCIE courses. CCIE is available to students of all ages. The CCIE course is optimal for students having one year of networking course experience.

What should I do after getting my CCIE?

Obtaining the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) is another option for re-certifying your CCIE and taking a step in a new direction.

Which CCIE has the highest pay? What is the salary for a CCIE Certification?

The average CCIE Certification salary in the United States is $140,630. CCIE Certifications earn the most in San Francisco, CA, at $212,256, which is 51% more than the national average.

How long does CCIE preparation take?

On average, three to six months are needed every try.

What is the best CCIE certification?

CCIE R&S is the foundation for all seven monitors and the most renowned CCIE track among CCIE experts.

Which CCIE is in demand?

ENCOR 350-401 and ENARSI 300-410 are the two most in-demand Cisco certifications for the corporate track. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam

How much does Cisco certification pay?

Earn More with the Right Certification for Cisco Certification. The average income of a Cisco-certified IT expert is around $70,000. On average, senior engineers make $96,000 per year. Various variables will determine your remuneration, such as your relevant experience and demonstrated talents.

Which Cisco training is the best?

CCNA Security, CCNP Security, DevNet Professional, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, and CCT Routing and Switching are often the most acceptable Cisco certifications.

Best Cisco certifications

  • Data Center.
  • DevNet (Dev and Automation)
  • Provider of Services.

Training for the 10 Most High paying IT Certifications for Tech Professionals -7Networkservices.

Exam Preparation CCIE  R&S/enterprise (Written+lab)

CCIE Written Preparation:

Prior to clearing the CCIE lab examination, it is mandatory to score passing marks in the CCIE written examination. The written examination can be done in any of the authorized testing centres. Keep in mind you can only appear for the lab exam within eighteen months of clearing the written exam. Post eighteen months, you have to reappear for the written exam to go for the lab exam.


Going for the CCIE lab examination does not require to have either CCNA or CCNP global certification. You can appear for the examination for any authorized test center in the world. There are several centers in the world:

  • Bangalore, India.
  • Beijing, PRC.
  • Brussels, Belgium.
  • Dubai, UAE.
  • Hong Kong, PRC.
  • Richardson, USA.
  • Sydney, Australia.
  • Tokyo, Japan.

CCIE 350-401 Enterprise Classroom Training in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon (India).

Classroom training is proven to be among the most effective ways to master any technology. Being able to directly communicate with the teacher provides great knowledge and puts an end to the erupting curiosity with the right answers. With our classroom training, we make sure that each of our candidates gets the right knowledge so that they prepare and clear the certification examination. You can opt for our classroom training in Delhi, Gurugram, Jaipur Faridabad, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Kerala, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

Best Online CCIE Enterprise Training in India.

Eliminating any barrier between our students and knowledge is what we crave for. By offering online training in several parts of the globe, we have successfully completed our mission. Nations including Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, and Indonesia can take our online classes at anytime and anywhere. Now no need to worry about physically being present at the classes as you can take CCIE R&S/Infrastructure training and certification classes at the comfort of your place.

CCIE Routing Technologies Training in Delhi.

Route Filtering, Zone-Based Firewall, QoS, RIP, SLA, SNMP, NTP, NAT, EIGRP. V6, Static Routing, PBR, Summarization, IPV6, Multicast, AAA, ARP, Netflow, GRE, WCCP, and DHCP.

CCIE Switching Technologies Training Course in Delhi.

Private VLAN, CAM, RSTP, PAGP, VTP, RPVST+, Storm Control, HSRP, GLBP, EtherChannel, STP, and many other technologies will be taught in this online course

What are Devices will be used in  CCIE Enterprise Online Training?

2811, 2911, and 3825 series routers, ISR Routers: 2900, 4000 are used to train our students. Moving on to switches, then 6500, 4500, 3750 & 2960X series switches are used.

What You Will Learn in CCIE Enterprise Infra V1.0  Course?

Designing the Network

Designing Cisco Enabled Scalable Networks requires a lot of experience to master. In this online course, you will be learning the complicated task of designing a Cisco network with numerous users simultaneously.

Examining and Troubleshoot

In case of any bug while working can cause become irksome for the enterprise. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to find, and rectify any network fault so that nothing can stop the network.

Implementing the Network

Technologies like EIGRP, BGP, QoS, VTP, IPV6, and many others are used for the implementation of the network. This CCIE R&S/Infrastructure Training and Certification provides knowledge on all such technologies that allow you to master the techniques of implementing networks using Cisco devices to construct a complicated network.

The Outcome of CCIE 350-401 Course in Delhi-NCR.

  • Examining Cisco Enterprise Network Architecture
  • Understanding Cisco Switching Paths
  • Implementing Campus LAN Connectivity
  • Building Redundant Switched Topology
  • Implementing Layer 2 Port Aggregation
  • Understanding EIGRP
  • Implementing OSPF
  • Optimizing OSPF
  • Exploring EBGP
  • Implementing Network Redundancy
  • Implementing NAT
  • Understanding Wireless Principles
  • Examining the Cisco SD-Access Solution
  • Understanding the Working Principles of the Cisco SD-WAN Solution
  • Understanding the Basics of Python Programming
  • Introducing Network Programmability Protocols
  • Introducing APIs in Cisco DNA Center and vMa
  • Examining Wireless Deployment Options
  • Understanding Wireless Roaming and Location Services
  • Examining Wireless AP Operation
  • Understanding Wireless Client Authentication
  • Troubleshooting Wireless Client Connectivity
  • Introducing Multicast Protocols
  • Introducing QoS
  • Implementing Network Services
  • Using Network Analysis Tools

Lab Curriculum for CCIE Enterprise in Delhi (India).

  • Investigate the CAM
  • Analyze Cisco Express Forwarding
  • Troubleshoot VLAN and Trunk Issues
  • Tuning Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Configuring Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • Configure Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Troubleshoot EtherChannel
  • Implement Multi-area OSPF
  • Implement OSPF Tuning
  • Apply OSPF Optimization
  • Implement OSPFv3
  • Configure and Verify Single-Homed EBGP
  • Implementing Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP)
  • Configure Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
  • Implement NAT
  • Configure and Verify Flexible NetFlow
  • Configuring Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM)
  • Troubleshoot Connectivity and Analyze Traffic with Ping, Traceroute, and Debug
  • Configure and Verify Cisco IP SLAs
  • Configure Standard and Extended ACLs
  • Configure Control Plane Policing
  • Implement Local and Server-Based AAA
  • Use RESTCONF with Cisco IOS XE Software

Highlights of CCIE R&S Enterprise Infrastructure Training in Delhi-NCR (India)

  • CCIE Certified Trainers with Years of Experience of Working in the Industry
  • Flexibility to pick either Classroom Training or online training without any geographical barrier.
  • Interview preparation post completion of the course to let the candidates clear the interview sessions.
  • Facility to access working labs at any time.
  • Regular, and weekend training sessions for better time management of the students.
  • Hands-on Experience on genuine equipment for enhanced understanding.

Why Choose 7Networkservices as your  CCIE  Training Institutes in Delhi India?

  • CCIE Security Certified trainers with industry experience.
  • Access to recorded Videos
  • Online Virtual Remote LAB
  • India’s Best Rated Placements 
  • Delivering High Quality Training
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Online Racks for Rent Available

CCIE 350-501 ENCOR Exam Course in Delhi-NCR.

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Course Outline for CCIE Enterprise Infra V1.0

Training Schedule

CCNP Enterprise Training

Mode of Training for CCIE Enterprise .

Course Nmae :

CCIE Enterprise Course 

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Course Fee CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 Training.

More Info to Contact us for Course fee Helpline: +91-9560290724


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